Costa Rican craft is world class craft & will be an international craft destination.


To be a good partner, supporting the vision and objectives of the Costa Rica craft community,

To elevate awareness of the Costa Rican craft beer scene in North America and beyond.

To make Costa Rican craft beer easily accessible to tourists.

To capture more tourist income for the Costa Rican craft beer community

Let Costa Rica Brew Pass work for you!

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All about the
Costa Rica Brew Pass

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What is the Costa Rica Brew Pass?
  • 1.6 million North Americans visit Costa Rica each year.
  • 40% (640,000) of them enjoy craft beer.

The Costa Rica Brew Pass proactively finds these thirsty tourists and delivers them to your door.

How does it work?

Through digital marketing we identify craft beer lovers who are planning travel to Costa Rica.

We reach out to these people via ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and travel websites to educate them about craft beer in Costa Rica.We make finding beer an active pursuit – part of their planning like finding a hotel, flight, and other activities.

We provide the Costa Rica Brew Pass mobile app to help them find great craft beer while they are in Costa Rica.

For $20 they can unlock their Brew Pass, allowing them one free beer, one time, at each craft beer destination.

What does it cost to participate?
Nothing. If the user has unlocked the Brew Pass option, you agree to provide their first beer (minimum 10oz pour) free. Each user can only receive a free beer one time at each location.There will be a button on the app the user will use to receive their free beer. Once used, it is deactivated and will not work at the same location.
Projections and Expectations
We project to have 64,000 paid downloads annually. We will motivate these users to visit a minimum of 3 craft beer destinations while in Costa Rica. We know the average tab is $35 so we project $6.7million in revenue for the Costa Rican craft community.

Craft beer destinations in the Costa Rica Brew Pass family


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